$100 - Online Parent Taught


Parents! Prefer to teach your child on your own?

Here's what you'll need.


1. Parents: Are you an eligible instructor?

Make sure you meet the requirements to be a Parent Taught Instructor. You can verify your eligibility through your Criminal Record and Drivers Record.  DPS will verify your eligibility when your student goes for their Learner's Permit and their Driver's License.


2. Order the Parent Taught Driver Education Packet

The Packet can be delivered by email or mail. The DPS has a one-time, non-refundable, ordering fee of $20.

            Click here to receive it by email.

            Click here to order by mail.


3. Students: Sign up for the Online Parent Taught class

Click the button to sign up for the online classroom portion of the Driving Program. After completing the first level (12 total), you will receive a DE-964. Take the DE-964, proof of identity and proof of residency documents to the DPS for your Learner's Permit.

For more details on the documents to take, click here.

4. Follow the Parent Taught Packet

Parents, the Packet will guide you through your child's Behind-the-Wheel training. Your teen must hold their learners permit for 6 months AND be at least 16 before they are eligible to take the road test.


5. Scheduling the Road Test

A+ Academy Driving School is authorized to provide the road test to individuals 16-24 who have completed a teen or adult drivers education course. For more information or to schedule a road test, click the button below.

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