$25 -Ticket Dismissal & Defensive Driving

How to dismiss a traffic ticket:

1.  Do you meet the criteria?

      Check with your court contact to make sure you are eligible to dismiss your ticket.

      Some traffic violations are not eligible for defensive driving.  Examples:   violations in

      contruction zones or speeding more than 25 mph over the limit.


2.  Request permission from the court.

      You must inform the court of your intention to take defensive driving and get approval.


3.  Finish the defensive driving course before your deadline.

      The court will give you a deadline to finish the course.  Don't forget to finish and print the 

      completion certificate.  The course usually takes about 6 hours to complete.


4.  Take the completion certificate & your driver record to the court.

      Present these documents to the court before the deadline.


Getting an Insurance Discount

Taking a defensive driving course can get you a discount on your auto insurance.

Contact your insurance providor for details on discount amounts.





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