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Adult Driver Ed Courses

How it Works

Step 1: Six-Hour Adult Class

  • REQUIRED for adults 18-24 years old
  • Adults 25 and older can take the 6-hour course or the knowledge test at the Department of Public Safety.
    • Adults that have never held a driver's license are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take the 6-hour adult drivers ed course.

Schedule an Appointment with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Submit the adult drivers ed completion certificate to ANY DPS to receive the B-Restricted License with your photo.

    • The B-Restriction requires a licensed adult over the age of 21 to be present in the front seat.


Schedule your DPS appointment at

  • Select Service "Apply for First time Texas DL/Permit"
  • DFW locations typically book these initial appointments 2-3 months in advance
    • Appointments can be scheduled at ANY DPS location in Texas.
    • DPS offices in smaller cities, typically have sooner availability.
    • Recommended locations to check for sooner appointments include Waxahachie, Stephenville, Tolar, Bryan, Madisonville & Houston
  • Most DPS offices make a limited number of same-day appointments available online at the beginning of their day. These can be booked via their scheduling website.

Step 2: In-Car Lessons

Adults must have the Texas DPS-Issued B-restricted license with their photo, BEFORE they can start the in-car driving lessons.

  • Documents not accepted as a substitute:
    • The completion certificate of the adult course
    • State ID Card
    • Receipt of payment received from the DPS
    • International Driver License
    • A non-Texas Learner Permit or Driver License

Step 3: DPS Road Testing

Documents needed for the DPS Road Test:

    • Valid for 90 days. Student must rewatch the program if the certificate expires.
  • If under the age of 25, bring the printed adult course completion certificate

Students MUST bring an insured vehicle to complete the road test.  Requirements for the Road test are listed under the DPS Road Test tab.

Adult Packages

  • Confidence Builder - Skills Review  |  $75

    For students looking for a refresher on driving techniques, assistance with parallel parking or regaining confidence behind the wheel.

    • 1-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lesson (Vehicle Provided)
    • Complementary Pre-Assessment lesson on Simulator


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  • Adult: Simulator + 3 Drive Sessions  |  $225

    A beginner package for adults with limited driving experience.  Adults are required to have a Texas Learner Permit, also known as a B-Restricted Driver License, before practice sessions can be scheduled.

    • Three 1-Hour Private Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
    • Complementary Pre-Assessment lesson on Simulator


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  • Adult: Simulator + 5 Drive Sessions  |  $375

    For adults who are needing extra practice to build confidence and technique.  Requires Texas Learner Permit or Texas Driver License. Vehicle is provided for all practice sessions.

    • Five 1-hour driving appointments
    • Complementary Pre-Assessment lesson on Simulator

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