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Adult Driver Ed Courses

How it works

Step 1: Six-Hour Adult Class

This class is required for adults ages 18-24 and highly recommended for adults over 25 years old.  Submit the completion certificate to the Texas Department of Public Safety to receive the B-Restricted adult license. A licensed adult is required in the vehicle until the restriction is removed.

  • Schedule your DPS appointment at
  • Select Service "Apply for First time Texas DL/Permit"
  • It is highly recommended to begin searching for an appointment prior to the start of class

Step 2: Driving

Adults with the B-restricted license can choose the number of driving sessions to sign up for.  Once the adult feels confident with their driving, the can sign up for the road test

Step 3: Road Testing

Adults must fulfill the following requirements prior to their road test.

  • Have a B-Restricted driver license
  • Impact Texas Young Driver Program

Students must bring an insured vehicle to complete the road test.  The list of documents needed for the Road test are listed under the Rules & Resources tab.



Adult Package Options

  • Refresher Confidence Builder  |  $75

    • 1-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lesson

    For students looking for a refresher on driving techniques, assistance with parallel parking or regaining confidence behind the wheel.  Requires Texas Learner Permit.  Vehicle Provided for Practice Session

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  • 1 Drive Session + DPS Road Test  |  $130

    • 1-Hour Driving Practice
    • DPS Road Test - (Vehicle not provided)

    Review driving technique before taking the road test.  View documentation required on test day. A+ Vehicle provided ONLY for practice session. Bring an insured vehicle for the DPS road test.  

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  • 2 Drive Sessions + DPS Road Test  |  $190

    • Two 1-Hour driving appointments
    • DPS Road Test - (Vehicle not provided)

    For individuals who want an extra opportunity to practice parallel parking, street driving and preparation for the road test. Requires Texas Learner Permit. Vehicle provided during driving practice, but not for the road test.

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  • 4 Drive Sessions + DPS Road Test  |  $310

    • Four 1-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lessons
    • DPS Road Test - (Vehicle not provided)

    A beginner package for adults with limited driving experience.  Adults are required to have a Texas Learner Permit, also known as a B-Restricted Driver License, before practice sessions can be scheduled. Vehicle provided during driving practice, but not for the road test.

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  • 5 Drive Sessions  |  $300

    • Five 1-hour driving appointments

    For adults who are needing extra practice to build confidence and technique.  Requires Texas Learner Permit or Texas Driver License. Vehicle is provided for all practice sessions.


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  • 5 Sessions + DPS Road Test  |  $370

    • Five 1-hour driviing appointments
    • DPS Road Test - (Vehicle not provided)

    For adults who are looking for extra practice before they take their road test.  During these sessions, our instructors will prepare students for the test and instill safe driving techniques. Requires Texas Learner Permit for all appointments. Vehicle provided for practice sessions.

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  • 10 Sessions + DPS Road Test  |  $650

    • Ten 1-hour driving appointments
    • DPS Road Test - (Vehicle not provided)

    For individuals very early in their drivers education. This course will allow you more opportunity to practice with our instructors. This is recommended for individuals who have limited chances or unable to practice between sessions for our other courses. Requires Texas Learner Permit for all appointments.   Vehicle Provided for Practice Sessions

    *Only Available at the Arlington Location

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6-Hour Online Course | $69.95

  • 6-Hour Online Course
  • Required for Adults 18 - 24
  • Highly Recommended for Adults 25 and older

After course completion, submit the ADE Certificate to the DPS to receive an Adult Texas Learner's Permit also known as a B-Restricted Driver License. Please note, the permit holder is required to have a licensed passenger when they drive.

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Defensive Driving Course | $25

Dismiss a ticket or get an insurance discount.

  • Approved and accepted by all Texas courts
  • Next-day certificate shipping options to ensure you dismiss your ticket ASAP
  • Meets ticket dismissal requirement
  • Take the entire course from our app
  • Shortest, fastest and cheapest course allowed by law
  • State-approved for car insurance discounts

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