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Driver Ed Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is your refund policy?

Is the paper permit valid for practice or testing purposes?

How do I know I have an adult learner permit?

What is a Verification of Enrollment (VOE)?

Driver Ed Courses

How does an adult get a learner permit?

How long does the enrollment contract last?

How old do I need to be to start a teen class?

What is the classroom attendence policy for teens?

My teen has just graduated or is unable to get a Verification of Enrollemnt (VOE). What should I do?


How do I schedule my driving practice?

Which car will I use for a behind-the-wheel lesson?

How much driving practice does an adult need?

Road Test

Do I need to provide a vehicle for the road test?

What if the permit expires before I get my road test?

Where do I find my course completion certificate if I took an online class?

I completed my road test. How do I get my license?

I opened my envelope. What should I do?

What documents do I need to take to DPS to get my license?


How can I view the available appointments before paying?

When registering, I don't see the location I want to sign up for.

Why can't I book an appointment?